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Why Preventative Dentistry Is Better Than Restorative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is less expensive, less time-consuming and leads to a more pleasant dental experience than restorative dentistry. By foregoing preventative dentistry, one can be increasing their oral health risks.

One Step Beyond or One Step Debond?

A patient has returned to your practice, complaining about the debonded fibre-reinforced composite post. ‘Not again!’ you think, vexed at the failure. Bonding materials within the root canal has always been challenging. You wonder which bonding system you should use to reduce the risk of post delamination in the future. Well, hopefully, this research performed by Fereshteh Shafiei, Pourya Mohammadparast and Zahra Jowkar can provide you some guidance!

How Dental Implants Help Restore Quality of Life

your health is not up to the work, it can disturb your quality of life drastically. The same happens when you have lost a natural tooth and your oral health is affected. This cerates problem in everyday activity like eating, speaking and smiling. Your facial charms go away, and your smile loses it luster when you have lost or missed one or more of your teeth.

The Best At-Home Oral Hygiene Routine

Proper at-home oral hygiene includes proper, thorough teeth cleaning and daily flossing. For optimal dental health, it is also important to see the dentist every six months for a cleaning and examination.

What Makes Someone An Ideal Candidate For Invisalign?

Invisalign’s popularity increases every year, and it’s no wonder why. This orthodontic treatment is celebrated as one of the easiest, most enjoyable solutions for tooth alignment and bite correction. That’s why Invisalign’s transparent removable aligners are inconspicuously fixing smiles all over the world.

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