This has to be one of the most popular celebrity promoted whitening systems- SNOW whitening! Promoted by many celebs including Floyd Mayweather, Kim K, Kris Jenner, and more.
Watch to see my thoughts on this product! Is it really worth the hype??
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Ingredients: “Proprietary Ingredients” therefore SNOW does not disclose all of the ingredients due to a patent.
-hydrogen peroxide
-carbamide peroxide
-aqua (deonized water)
-sodium bicarbonate
-potassium nitrate
-mentha piperita

How to Relieve Braces Pain

The road to braces is a long one, and even though the reward of straight, gorgeous teeth seems just beyond arm’s width, there’s some discomfort and soreness along the way. Children experience particular discomfort, specifically after a tightening. When their braces are tightened, the orthodontist adjusts the wires, forcing the teeth to shift and exert more pressure.

Get a Beautiful Smile at Any Age With Braces

Healthy teeth can be moved and realigned at any age which directly results in the improvement of the smile of a person and thus the self-confidence. It is always advised to bring children to orthodontists approximately at an age of 7 or 8, but that should not stop adults from consulting orthodontists.

Teeth Brushing Not Once, But Twice

We go through the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day. The problems we face when we think of the habit of brushing at night versus the actual problems that arise when we skip regular brushing. The importance of our teeth and how brushing helps in taking proper care of our teeth.

The Causes of Common Dental Issues

Common dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain and dry mouth have multiple causes. The common causes include poor oral hygiene, underlying health issues and trauma.

The Most Vital Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made covering for an entire tooth. The crown covers the chewing surface of the tooth up to the gum line. The crowns can be used either for cosmetic or medical purposes.

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